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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

With much work, time, and diligence, Marissa and her team are pleased to present the rebrand of Miss Silver State Pageants! Miss Silver State Pageants is a space for our contestants and clients to grow. Our program offers private training, group workshops, styling, stage time, and social media branding. Our winners will now have the option of where they advance moving forward. 

Miss Silver State welcomes contestants from every state to compete. As a non-contractual pageant, we offer support and a fantastic prize package to win the successive crown.

Our Mission

Giving you the tools you need to succeed

With every pageant journey, there are several challenges and glorious moments. This pageant was founded to help better prepare each contestant as they move forward to the next endeavor. We provide workshops, one-on-one lessons, and a well-organized pageant to give the ultimate experience.

Marissa Castillo

Founder & Executive Director

Born in sunny southern California and raised in the Silver State, Marissa has called Nevada her home for the past 30 years. A Director, student, Life coach, pageant coach, Entrepreneur, and a dabbler in photography, Marissa wears many hats. Her favorite one is being a mother to four beautiful girls: Twins; Alexis & Dezirae (20 years old) Santana (4 years old) & Selena (3 years old). Watching pageants since her childhood, pageantry became her passion after it altered her life in 2016 when she held her first title, Mrs. Nevada. Before her reign was over, she decided that she wanted to become a Director. She took it upon herself to become a certified Life Coach to supplement the Directorship with proper guidance. She then spearheaded a local pageant for Latinas, Miss Silver State Latina

Since 2017, Marissa has successfully coached and guided her title holders to National crowns at USOA Miss, several top 5 placements in several systems, and winners at the Miss Nevada USA & Miss Utah USA pageants. Furthermore, Marissa was the #1 recruiter in Nevada & Utah for the USA organization (2017-2022). Her goal has always been to set a higher standard and "disrupt the stereotypical image" of pageantry and the process. She is proud to say that her pageants keep climbing in prestige. In addition, her many years in the hospitality industry provided Marissa with excellent people skills, including Forbes and Michelin star training in guest services.


Photo by: Steven Grant Glam: Kissandmakeup Houston

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