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  • I've never been in a pageant before, is that ok?
    Don't let lack of experience hold you back. With proper preparation, anyone can come out on top. Remember, it's not about how much you know now, but how much effort you're willing to put in.
  • Is there any way to raise funds or have my entry paid for?
    YES! We strongly encourage sponsors to help you offset costs to compete. You may sell ad pages for our program publication and earn money back. Or, for any referred friend or family member to compete, you will earn $50 towards all balances! Sign up with a friend at the same time, and you both will receive $100 off the balance. You may also share the "Sponsor a Contestant" link to have your sponsors pay on your behalf.
  • What is the Entry Fee?
    ENTRY FEE Pay in full by: November 16 - December 1 - $375 December 2 - January 14 - $450 January 15 - March 1 - $495 OR by January 1, 2024, pay $150 and sell 15 tickets. Ages 4-12 start at $250 The entry fee includes a 6 class prep course (Which begins in November) All contestants will be required to sell AT LEAST 3 tickets ($20. Does not apply to our of state contestants.) Opportunities to sell tickets instead of the remaining balance of the entry fee are available. Contact office. Register by Nov 15, and you will receive a $15 Voucher for SunKissed Bottoms & $20 off Photo Package.
  • What are the areas of competition? And how are they scored?
    (25%) PANEL-STYLE INTERVIEW (25%) FUN FASHION/ACTIVE WEAR/SWIMSUIT (25%) EVENING GOWN (25%) ONSTAGE QUESTION/OVERALL IMPRESSION We use a point system. We combine the Interview, Fun Fashion, Fitness, and Evening Gown scores to reach our TOP FINALIST.
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