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Pink to Orange Gradient
Purple - Blue Gradient

Eligibility & Requirements

Titles being awarded:

America's Ideal Miss Nevada:

JR. Princess (4-6) Princess (7-9) Preteen (10-12)



All runners will receive ranking, scores, and judges' feedback in Fun Fashion, Evening Gown & OSQ. Optionals are additional.

Age Divisions & Prizes


National Pageant July 23-27 2024 - Alpharetta, GA

Over $200,000 in prizes awarded at Nationals!

Ages as of July 1, 2024

Jr Princess Ages 4-6

Princess Ages 7-9

Preteen Ages 10-12

Jr Teen Ages 13-15

Teen Ages 16-18

Miss Ages 19-27


Rules for Ages 4-9 • Makeup for Interview competition is not allowed • Age-appropriate makeup for stage competitions • False eyelashes, flippers, or false teeth are not allowed • Bare midriffs are not allowed.

Prizes:  Official America's Ideal Sash and crown, $150 towards the National registration fee, coaching with Marissa Castillo, Victoria Claires Sponsorship + more

Pink to Orange Gradient

Contestant Coordinator


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